Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learning English Together.

........ Being an English challenging.why?..sometimes..we had to be a moving dictionary..for our our admins .. sometimes I will be ask for the meanings of words that he didnt understand..or the pronunciation of the words is the task of the critical friend(it is me..)who needs to assist all the non -optionists (TESL)-(the buddies..) is a programme of the ministry ( Buddy support System )or Sistem bimbing Rakan Taulan...It had been implemented several years what extent it is a success..? no doubt it helps !!But....... if you think it is in a positive will leads to success..what i meant here is that..not all teachers..willingly to learn from a put us as english teachers in a difficult situation..........thats the scenario...we are edify me more..towards our mission........different approaches that will draw on the programme...

Right.k...something to share..not all english words can be directly translate to our mother tongue..sometimes it will bring different meanings..

For eg..

piggy bank.......not bank babi....(sorry).but it is tabung wang..

as loyal as a dog..not setia seperti anjing....but it means sangat setia..

so keep on is boundless...

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